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Dental fear

The large majority of my patients (particularly new patients who I am seeing for the first time) arrive stricken with fear for the dentist. It seems that this fear stems from negative childhood experiences. However there is a stigma attached to dentists, that we are sadists, massachists of the oral cavity, gloved and masked demons waiting to cause pain and terror. It is in reality quite the opposite. Each and every dentist has their own methods and means of creating a happy patient experience and reducing the pain associated with dental treatment. I have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to painless injection techniques, patient calming strategies and a generally happy & peaceful environment in my surgery. With time, I hope, more and more people will enjoy their dental experiences as technology moves forward and the standard of dentistry increases. But until then, we, as dentists, try to shake off the stigma and change perceptions of fearing the dentist, one patient at a time.

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