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HealOzone Revealed! Say goodbye to cavities and goodbye to painful dental visits

HealOzone is the best news for any patient who does not like visiting the dentist. Oxygen kills the decay causing bacteria that cause dental caries. These bacteria (known as anaerobic bacteria) thrive in an environment where there is little or no oxygen. Cavities develop as the environment below the surface of the tooth becomes acidic. Ozone not only kills the acid-making bacteria, it also neutralizes their acidic waste. Many municipal drinking water systems kill bacteria in the water using ozone. Also ozone is at least ten times stronger than chlorine as a disinfectant. The medical community — especially in Europe — have been using ozone for decades to speed up wound-healing and to treat a variety of diseases.

The new environment that occurs following the bio-chemical change (from acidic to alkaline) in the lesion allows minerals to flow back into the tooth, hardening and reversing the effects of decay. Early cavities can heal. The minerals to assist this repair can come slowly from the saliva or much quicker from mineral-rich solutions soaked into the teeth following the ozone treatment. Research seems to indicate that once a tooth is remineralized, it is very unlikely the decay will come back. Multiple ozone treatments over a period of months can improve chances even better.

Ozone is used to treat early tooth decay before it turns into a big hole. Once the affected tooth surface has been treated with the ozone, a composite filling can be placed straight away, directly onto the treated tooth surface. NO injections. No drilling. NO PAIN.

Ozone therapy is an amazing tool for treating small areas of decay, however when cavities have become much larger, ozone treatment alone will not suffice as the only treatment. However, after the decay on these larger cavities has been removed, ozone may be used to sterilize the tooth surface. This will allow for remineralization of the tooth surface beneath the restoration and will reduce the occurrence of secondary decay beneath restorations.

Ozone may also be used to treat oral ulcers, cold sores and gum disease. When applied to the affected tissues, after just one treatment symptoms will reduce significantly and healing will progress at a much faster rate. After a second and third ozone treatment, healing will often be complete.

Dental ozone is right here, right now, and poised to make us look at traditional dentistry with a new set of eyes!

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